The Wright Stuff!

aidsregistration.jpgOne of the keys to developing a joy habit is to recognize the hidden gems sitting right under our noses, covered with a coating of everyday dust. Sometimes, however, these gems appear and blind you with their brilliant rays of hope – which is what happened to me at Wright State Medical School last week. I went to Wright State to give a talk on HIV and homelessness for AIDS Week. The talk was organized by medicalaidswalk.jpg students, who wanted more information on the underserved. Furthermore, these same medical students organized an AIDS walk to raise funds for health services in their community. What an inspiration! This is a new generation of committed, determined adults, working hard to change things (despite having no free time!). With all the gloom and doom in the news these days, it’s really important to recognize the quiet, powerful heroes among us. Do you know someone who’s also got the Wright Stuff? Tell them a big thank-you today.

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