Performance Tips

Here we have it–the first detailed, performance-enhancing medical video of 2008!
Why Don’t We Do It In Our Sleeves?
is a new, raunchy approach to which of the following:

1) Sex guidelines for people who have a deep-seated fear of looking silly because they aren’t sure what to do with their arms (humerophobia).

2) A massive push by the Dermatologic Association of America to turn the public tide against tank tops, using negative militaristic imagery.coughsafe.jpg

3) An OSHA video developed to change behavior, in order to reduce the number of upper arm abrasions and cuts among grave-diggers.

4) A humerus look at where, and how, we should cough.

If you answered #4, then congratulations! Share the video with your family and friends–we’ll all have a chuckle, and, incidentally, a healthier winter.

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