Farrah and Michael

It’s been a big week for celebrity sorrow. As you’re contemplating the loss of Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson, be sure to head over to SFGate to check out the Doc Gurley health tips we can all learn from celebrity health coverage.

1) First, there’s Farrah’s Gift: Outing the Tumor That Dare Not Speak Its Name – which covers an important issue that has been, by and

6 25 09 Bearman Cartoon Michael Jackson Farrah...
Image by Bearman2007 via Flickr

large, neglected by the media-discussions. While you’re there, you can also discover whether or not Doc Gurley knows her anatomy – and how many people wrote in, concerned that perhaps she didn’t!

2) Second, get some insider information at “Lay him on the ground” – What Was That Jackson 911 Advice? Why would a 911 operator tell a person to “get him on the ground”? Read it and find out the medical reason – plus be reminded about an important health tip in case the worst happens at your home, and you need to consider CPR for a loved one.

Let’s hope for more joyful ways to learn health tips in the coming weeks.

Got a thingie on your doohickey? Or are you pondering how to tell your doctor he’s a jerk? Send your burning healthcare questions to Doc Gurley by emailing docgurleyatgmaildotcom. Doc Gurley cannot answer every question, and she cannot practice medicine through a keyboard (not even with her stethoscope pressed firmly against the monitor) but be assured – your questions will be kept strictly confidential and identifying traits are changed.

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