Teen Death-Prevention

Perhaps you too have noticed the news coverage about the 16-year-old sports star from a wealthy California community who died this weekend due to presumed alcohol overdose – he was found in a hallway of an unsupervised home where lots of kids were partying.

The unanimous news coverage ends with the plea for “parents to teach teens about alcohol so this won’t happen again.” But frankly, well, what exactly do you teach them? If you’re looking for clinical info and help – over at SFGate, you can find the Doc Gurley practical and detailed article titled,

Canadia-style Shirley Temple:
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“6 Tips – Advanced Alcohol Ed for Teens.”

Check it out, pass it around, forward, email and share with families and friends.  It takes a village, and we should all demystify steps we can take, and the indications for when to take them.

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