Grand Rounds LIVE Coming…

Doc Gurley is hosting Grand Rounds March 10 – and it will be our first Grand Rounds LIVE! with hosts Doc Gurley,

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Colin Son (our Medscape Grand Rounds Guru) and a mystery guest. Grand Rounds will be a webinar in which you can participate! The optional theme? Improv, of course. Feel free to stretch the topic past the breaking point [Do you improvise when it comes to healthcare? Should you? Do you flourish in the unscripted moments we all face? Will we as a nation improvise a healthcare plan?].

There are three ways you can participate:

1) Submit your posts by the deadline of Sunday March 8, 3pm Eastern/noon Pacific time (Doc Gurley will be frantically compiling them, including screen shots, so don’t be late!). Instructions: Please send your blog name, your post title, your post URL, and an optional one-sentence blurb describing your post, with the url embedded in the sentence to docgurley(at)gmail(dot)com. There will be karmic air-kisses for anyone who wants to submit EARLY.

2) Join the live webcast by WebinarAce Monday March 9, 9pm Eastern/6pm Pacific. We’ll have audience-participation live-action Q&A, polls, and virtual field-trips to see blogs. Keep in mind, your limited contact registration info is collected purely for participation reasons – none of your information will be sold or shared. Ever. How does this work? You get an email with instructions with a link to a website. You go there at the time of the webcast. You log-in, and voila, the live gigglefest begins. For your instructions

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on how to tune in to the live performance March 9, Monday at 6pmPacific/9pmEastern register here. Space is limited, so register early.

3) Volunteer to be a site we visit during Grand Rounds LIVE! Not content with simple humiliation-tempting live performances, Doc Gurley, Colin Son and our mystery guest are determined to go on a virtual field-trip to visit some

blogs. We’ve buddied up, we’ve got our snack, and we’re ready for the techno-yellow-school-bus to carry us to YOU! Would you like us to visit during the presentation? Are you interested in (possibly) putting a graffitti-like message up for us to find? Send Doc Gurley an email to let her know you’d like to volunteer. First come, first served – can probably only visit 3-5, so get your site’s name in early!

4) Check it out Tuesday, March 10 – Grand Rounds will be posted then, as well as a recorded/edited version of the Webinar. Pass the word!

Who will be the mystery guest? Will Grand Rounds Live visit your site during the performance? Will there be a wardrobe malfunction? Will Colin Son discover that Doc Gurley is actually an pregnant alien with psychic teeth – and a doomed yearning for her shirtless garbage collector? Will Doc Gurley do her own stunts? Tune in for more…

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