Assaulting a Killer

Oooh, there are just some kinds of evil that we’d all love to get our hands on – you know what I mean, the old “give-me-10-minutes-alone-in-the-interrogation-room-with-the-cameras-turned-off” urge. When it comes to serial killers, some have a lot to answer for. One of the worst of the worst just took a blow to the nuts, and let me tell all you (hopefully not squeamish) readers, we’re cheering here at Doc Gurley’s Bloodthirsty Headquarters. So what serial killer am I talking about?

None other than glioblastoma multiforme (boo, hiss). One of Doc Gurley’s most beloved supervising residents died a rapid, tragic, and suffering death in his twenties from this (generally unstoppable- heck –unslowable) brain cancer, only months after they worked together. There are way too many families laid waste by this tumor. Most of us have heard about it recently because it is the tumor Ted Kennedy has. This is one of those cancers that’s sure to be on every doctor’s Top Ten List Of Ways I Don’t Want To Die.

And what kind of damage are we talking? Well, for the first time, an immune-based intervention has taken a swing and landed a solid one on this disease. Check it out – and pass the word to anyone you might know who’s been recently diagnosed. When it comes to this type of evil, time is of the essence. And now there may be a way to fight back.

Excuse us while we go cackle in a corner – bwhahahaha…

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