Ouch Award

The Now-That-Hurts Winner of the week: anesthesia causes you pain. We’re not talking about that tube in the throat, or the botched IV. Instead, it’s more like what if your anesthesiologist asked you, “How would you like your chili-pepper powder? Blown down your lungs or directly stinging by vein?” That’s right – the type of pain receptors that make Pepper Spray a defensive weapon and wasabi such a Super Sushi Taste Explosion are the same ones activated by some anesthesia drugs – the ones that doctors have called “noxious” for years. The idea has been that if you just, say, took an aspirin and called in the morning, that would be enough to deal with this type of anesthesia pain – but now genetic research verifies what patients have been saying all along about the anti-inflammatory approach – nuh uh, doesn’t work. Hopefully, as the authors point out, their work might lead to better ways to block the hurt of anesthesia, which kind of takes some of the sting out of their news, wouldn’t you say?

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