This Week’s Powerful Grand Rounds

Antidromic Reentry

Be still my beating heart. We have a great round-up of this week’s best health blog posts over at Dr. Wes. Dr. Wes is a cardiologist, specializing in rhythms of the heart. Each post this week, which range from the light-hearted to the heart-wrenching, is sorted into categories of heart electrical rhythms – a really (cough) heart-warming touch. We here at Doc Gurley are both honored and a bit panicky at being the sole recipients of a rare category of rhythm, called Antidromic Reentry. Of course, Dr. Wes knows what he’s doing, because this category seems to hit the nail on the head when it comes to describing the quirky Doc Gurley approach, once you know another phrase for this condition –

sympathetic hyperstimulation.

I think I hear my spouse chuckling under his breath.

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