Twitter Updates for 2010-02-17

  • The sun falls and it's a rush to get packed up. Heartbreak day – a 14 yr old girl trying to care for 2 tiny sick malnourished sibs alone. #
  • Haiti update: people are so thirsty, you can't/shouldn't visibly drink water. We worked in a neighborhood that has seen very little care. #
  • Haiti: People have no place to stay. Twice today the bus had serious trouble because of semi-perm camps in roads, one of piled rubble+rocks. #
  • Haiti: Is there a diagnosis of Post Traumatic Population? Until no one smiles, ever, city-wide, you can't imagine the visible shock of it. #
  • Can I just say I love my team? 9pm, no sleep for 2 nights, exhausted, & everyone is counting pills into pre-packs to speed things up in a.m. #
  • My connections are too uncertain for me to list by name those kinds souls
    I want to thank for RTs. Mwah mwah mes amis – you know who you are #
  • Laundry, and a home. Trained nurses who lived who lived in homes like yours and mine now live like this. #

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