Milpitas earthquake 4.1 wake-up call: did you hear it?

Did you feel it? That gentle nudge (4.1 on the Richter scale) today? It was a cosmic snooze button going off (yet again) to remind you to get up and throw together that earthquake kit for yourself and those you love. So did you hit the Sleep button and roll back over into deep, unconscious denial? Or are you feeling Tasered out of your slumber and ready to spring into action? Or, like most of us, are you kind of staggering around, not sure where to start now that you’re up and interested (is that your underwear on the floor)?

To help you get going, here are some crucial tips to keep in mind if you’re waking up to the issue: 1) Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good – if you’re overwhelmed at the idea of making a Martha Stewartesque uber-version of an earthquake kit, squelch that thought. Some is better than none. Good enough is WAY better than nothing. 2) If you’ve got the money, heck, buy a basic one! Sometimes, putting a little money into your safety is like priming a pump – your denial starts to unblock, you get into the flow and before you know it your off-the-shelf kit is a great one for you and yours.

And here are some excellent resources on what, exactly, you might want to put together:

1) A Doc Gurley article on advanced health tips for putting together your emergency kits

2) Excellent information (with videos!) on practicing what we all should do when the earth moves

3) Lists of items for your kits – at that wonderful resource of a site,

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