Opening The Gate

Head on over to SFGate – the online version of the San Francisco Chronicle – for a wide-open Doc Gurley discussion of all things…swine flu! That’s right, there’s now a new forum for Doc Gurley’s unique take on healthcare, with six (count them – six) articles in response to breaking swine flu news. Here are some of the burning questions you’ll find answers to:

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1) Aren’t you supposed to wash your hands? I heard that hand sanitizer stuff doesn’t work on swine flu – or does it?
2) My doc called in a prescription for my friend’s 10-month-old to take Tamiflu – isn’t that contraindicated?
3) I think the guy on my street corner has swine flu – what should I do?

And today – there’s a practical Well Worth It round up of true Flu Fighters – ones we can all use.
Check out Doc Gurley at the Gate.

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