Well-Worth It: Avoid Drive-Thru Liver

If you’ve seen Super-Size Me, you already may have some idea that eating fast food on a mega-dose, daily

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basis is not great for your liver. Now, however, researchers have been looking at the effect of what is, basically, crap food (lots of trans-fats, lots of carbs) on the liver. This latest result from a large, well-designed study shows that eating “bad” food is really bad for your liver – especially if you have hepatitis C. While drinking alcohol (if you have hep C) has been known to be bad for your liver for a long, long time, the roles of obesity, fatty liver, and a bad diet, have not been so well recognized. The study looked at whether a crap diet, obesity, and/or fatty liver were a factor in either disease progression, or response to hepatitis C treatment.

Bottom Line?

If you’ve got hepatitis C, it’s time to start nurturing yourself with the best, highest quality foods – especially if you’re thinking about starting a course of treatment. Treatment for hepatitis C is a tough haul – but it doesn’t last forever. Think of the weeks beforehand, and the duration of treatment, as a basic training program for you to be in the best liver-shape possible. Your months of treatment are a very important time to make sure you eat the rawest, best, veggie-est food around. The last thing anyone wants is to go through such a tough haul, and unknowingly reduce your chances of a cure by eating crap food.

Know anyone with hepatitis C? Feel free to forward this latest, important health tip to them – without a profit motive to drive PR, it’s unlikely to get a lot of press.

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