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It’s so nice to find a writer with solid advice, and a fresh voice. Check out this article by the editor-in-chief of

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Self magazine (disclosure: I get NOTHING for endorsing this writer or article – except, okay, a warm feeling for finding something surprisingly good!). See, being a Doc Gurley Official Skeptic, we thought an article titled The (Easy) Diet Trick That Really Works would be prime material for a BOGUS award. Well, three minutes of scrutiny later, we’re pleasantly surprised.Check out the article’s tips for easy ways to power-up your commitment to healthier eating.

Are you looking for even more fun tips from an unexpected source? Check out this article about how smokers may be willing to quit for their pets! Specifically, while not a great or well-designed study, researchers got results from “almost 3,300 residents of southeastern Michigan [who] responded to the online
survey. One in five was a smoker, and more than one in four lived with a

Of the smokers, one in three said that knowing that smoking was bad for
the health of a pet would prompt them to give it up. Almost one in 10 said
they would ask a partner to quit, while one in seven said they would ask
their partners to smoke only outdoors.” Bottom line: if you quit for your pet, you also benefit, big time – another example of the power of altruism.

Both of these articles are good, fun, HEALTHY reporting.

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