Thanks to All at Once and Each One

One of the hardest things about thanking people, is that the words can be difficult to find, poorly constructed for the weight they should carry, and prone to warping. Kind

Henry VI depicted in Cassell's

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of like a non-code child-built treehouse. But just like that endangered construction species, if you persevere, there is a lot of joy to be had, despite the dangers of falling flat on your face.

So, to shore up my struts, I’m relying on the Bard to help me scatter some Thanksgiving to the world-

To all my readers: “Your visitation shall receive such thanks as fits a king’s remembrance.” (from Hamlet, II,ii)

To my family: “My love till death, my humble thanks, my prayers;” (King Henry VI, part III; III, ii)

To my glorious friends (you know who you are!): “I can no other answer make but thanks,…and thanks.” (Twelfth Night; III,iii)

To all those who have made my life richer and fuller by your wit, your challenging discourse, the gift of your company, your comments, and your service, I can only say: “With more than common thanks I will receive it.” (Timon of Athens; I, ii)

And, finally, to those who ask why I would spend my professional time working in a clinic for the homeless, I can only add that even “The poorest service is repaid with thanks;” (The Taming of the Shrew; IV, iii)

Title from Macbeth. If the Muse strikes, feel free to spread some Thanks and reap some Joy in our comments section!

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