(Un)Forgettable Sex

In what can only be called a marketing disaster, drug companies have been forced to add new warning labels to all three erectile dysfunction drugs (Cialis, Viagra, and Levitra). What’s the new side effect? Just the fact that these drugs can cause Transient Global Amnesia. Yep, you read that right, folks – take the pill then forget absolutely everything for a large chunk of time. Is that scary, or what? Kind of gives a new (and disturbing) meaning to the phrase “mind-blowing sex.” Considering how uninvolved the FDA has been at enforcing drug warnings and monitoring side effects, this change in labelling is alarming. Drug companies responded (predictably) with 1) heck, it’s a really rare problem, [Doc Gurley take: that’s cold comfort to the person who’s got it] and 2) global amnesia – that’s not so bad [Doc Gurley note: only said by those who’ve never experienced it]…and, 3) hee-hee, other things can cause it too! Their most effective response, however, will be to keep this unforgettable warning out of the mainstream news.

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