A Fresh Box Of Mental Crayons

Back-to-school is a distinctive memory for all of us over the age of 7. There are few things more evocative than the smell of a pristine box of new crayons. All those sharp little points, begging you to take a chance, to pick a color and be creative. When you’re in school, there’s so much potential each fall – new teachers, new things to learn, possibly new friends, even a new look. To nurture your joy habit, take a moment this week to celebrate (no matter what your age) a new beginning – it’s time to get out your brand-new box of mental crayons and be inspired. First, check out last year’s box and take stock. Are your somber colors scribbled to paper-peeling bits? Maybe it’s time to put some effort into using your sunny colors a little more. Are you in the middle of your “blue” period? It may be time to make some serious changes in your life, or even get professional help. Did you color your world so much with rage red that there’s only a nub left? Maybe this year you want to make some changes, even if it’s only to get more variations – lighter hues at least. Or did you whitewash everything so much that there’s nothing to see at the end of last year? All of us avoid accountability when it comes to making serious changes. Maybe you need more definite lines to achieve the image of your life you really want. Or did you stay so carefully between the lines that your used crayons look eerily uniform? Maybe you want to break out a bit. Take a chance – consider emotionally peeling the paper off and then coloring blocks of your life by using your mental crayons sideways. Fall is a great time to think about the year ahead, look over all that you achieved last year, and get excited about newness.

Back-to-school is a great time to take stock and celebrate the endless potential for new beginning that we all have. Happy coloring!

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