Beef U Don’t Want None…143 Million Times

Was the esteemed urban laureate prescient when he wrote the words “Beef u dont want none so dont start none” (50 cent: life’s on the line)? Seems like the answer can only be, dude, of course he was. Today’s announcement of the recall of 143beef.jpg million pounds of beef (let’s take a moment and let those words sink in: 143 million pounds) marks a new low in food safety in this country. This time, possible beef contamination was discovered by animal rights activists who reportedly video-taped workers using a forklift to get sick, staggering animals down a slaughter-chute. Yuck. And, unlike other recalls, this recall involves food sold through the nation’s school lunch program. If you’re feeling just a tad nauseous at this news, take a moment and re-read the Doc Gurley oldie but goodie practical post “What If There’s A Recall, But I Already Ate It?” May we all stay healthy.

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