Health 2.0 Code-a-thon – SF Winners

San Francisco Competition

Meet the organizers of the Code-a-thon, Jessica Goldband and Jean Luc Neptune.

The San Francisco teams only had 2 days to create a solution and 3 minutes to present. It was a high-stakes, high-pressure event. If known the challenges it was entered for are in parentheses. AT&T, Aetna, Healthline Food […]

Health 2.0 Code-a-thon – Developers World Cup Entries and Results

Health 2.0 (Photo credit: Ed Bierman)

This year’s Health 2.0 codeathon was markedly different from last year’s because the global competition judging was up first – the first ever Developers World Cup. Teams from as far away as Fukushima and Stockholm had flown in for this final judging. My fellow judges include Sastry Nanduri, […]

Health 2.0 SF Code-a-thon

It’s time to code! Last year I had the opportunity to give a talk and then be one of the judges for Health 2.0’s Code-a-thon. This year, there is a special theme, HealthE Habits, which is centered around building apps and tools to help people adopt healthy behaviors that they will stick with long term. […]

The Scandal of fake Malaria drugs

Just as the world has been trying to take a real stab at eradicating malaria comes news that the effort is being undermined in a critical area. It turns out that over a third of the anti-malaria drugs being distributed in Southeast Asia are fake and ineffective and a similar percentage in Africa are […]

Transgender Tuesdays: Help Preserve A Piece Of San Francisco History

There’s a little piece of San Francisco history – special to this wonderful city – that isn’t really all that well known except in a few communities. Transgender Tuesdays. 18 years ago a team of HIV providers at Tom Waddell Health Center and trans activists from every ethnicity broke the mold by providing something crucially […]

News For Your Heart and Your Brain

Aspirin! (Photo credit: (adam) THEO)

There have been two pieces of medical news this week that seem to be unrelated but do in fact have one thing in common – your heart. First up, we knew that aspirin was good for your heart but we didn’t know just how good. A new study shows […]