Need A Break From Winter? Time For A Bargain Trip To Peru

Are you feeling the post-holidays blues and the days stretching away before you can travel? Winter can be a tough time and there are some good medical strategies. If you don’t spend your days outdoors you should probably be taking vitamin D. Because if you don’t ever go outside, even the greatest free drug isn’t exactly free…

But another way to escape is just that – good old fashioned escapism. For example, try a whole-sensory, brain-stimulating trip to Peru in Sendero, a new Kindle book by Max Tomlinson. Max Tomlinson is a new, local San Francisco author and he also says Sendero should be available soon in a paperback edition – also via Amazon.  Anyway, this pulsating thriller covers decades in the life of two peasant siblings in Peru and looks at loss and seperation and reunion set against the rebellion and uprising of the Shining Path throughout Peru from Cities to high in the Andes. The two peasant children lose their family and their livelihoods and then are set on seperate paths for the next twenty years. I won’t say any more so as not to spoil it.

This evocative book will take you to Peru and through its recent history, so if you want a real esape from grey skies and cold weather, try a book that Kirkus Reviews called a golden debut. ‘Elaborate and robust; a prime example of history and histrionics juggled with equal precision.’

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