Totally BOGUS

Ah, those end-of-year round-ups we all love and cherish…NOT. We here at Doc Gurley are not fans of the widespread New Year’s tradition of

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(probably auto-posted) re-hashing previous articles as filler-bytes. However sometimes a leftover is as good as a meal. Or even better. That’s the case with a year’s round-up of […]

10 Insider Tips for Dosing Your Drug Dollars

The economic downturn has left even more people struggling to pay for

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their prescription medications. If you’re having trouble, you’re not alone. In fact, almost 40 million of us – especially women – are affected. Here is a round-up of valuable, accurate advice for how to make your drug dollars go further, […]

Disinfecting the Doc…

We here at Doc Gurley were more than a tad bit dismayed to find a stinky lump of programming coal in our Christmas stocking. It

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appears that someone inserted a tiny amount of pustulant code on our site on October 28. This bit of bytes silently festered until Christmas Eve. […]

Please do not worry.

We apparently have a problem with some browsers and the site and some issue with Google’s detection of problem software on the site. We can assure you there is no problem software on the site although there may be a problem with one of the software tools used by the site or even in […]

Grand Rounds Giving

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This week’s theme for Grand Rounds, the weekly roundup of top posts from medical blogs, is on the theme of gift, giving and year-end perspectives. It is being held at Highlight Health and, given the topic and the time of year is not only topical and timely, but also a (Christmas) […]

Even a little overweight is still overweight…

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A new report in Circulation, taking away with one hand while giving back with the other, shows conclusively that being even a little overweight still increases your likelihood of heart disease. The good news is that it also shows that even a little exercise decreases your risk.

The study, which followed […]